New Release of VAS Experts DPI
New Release of VAS Experts DPI

Today, we are going to discuss the improvements in the latest release of VAS Experts DPI.

The DPI platform is constantly evolving, with new features added, signatures updated, and bugs fixed. The new version 8.3.1 is complete with over 30 new features. Its functionality was expanded with BRAS and the free QoE Lite module (more on that in our next post).

Main changes:

  1. UDR with DPI/PCRF redundancy schemes

    The fault tolerance of modern IP networks depends on infrastructure redundancy and recovery time. Data replication primarily ensures that these are met at the appropriate level.

    If several DPI systems are used as BRAS, you need to ensure quick migration of subscribers between the servers. This is where UDR (Unified Data Repository) via PCRF (Policy and Charging Rules Function) for customer databases comes into play. The algorithm works for L2 and L3 routing schemes thanks to persistent queues.

    UDR reduces the time needed to authorize customers at the new BRAS and reduces the load on the billing and RADIUS servers.

  2. New CLI (Command Line Interface)

    The customer database management tool in BRAS, fdpi_ctrl, does not always allow to find and troubleshoot issues promptly.
    The new version includes a fully functional CLI supported by fdpi_cli. The tool allows to view and manage the contents of fastdpi and fastpcrf files. It speeds up the troubleshooting process and simplifies the management of embedded BRAS databases.

  3. Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, VyprVPN protocol signatures

    Telecom operators approach IM traffic billing differently: some make it unlimited, while some do not. Some telecom operators may find that flexible IM traffic billing can be a competitive advantage and a way to improve Quality of Service (QoS).

    To achieve this, the operator needs to know the traffic type. This functionality was added to the latest version of VAS Experts DPI. Protocol signatures of the most popular IM clients (as well as VyprVPN with Chameleon protocol) can be used to precisely identify IM traffic.

  4. Embedded UDR database recovery with fdpi_ctrl

    The embedded database in VAS Experts DPI does not require any administration effort and is fault tolerant. However, in rare cases, it may get damaged. The new release introduces a feature that allows you to recover your database or separate columns in fdpi_ctrl format.

  5. Commands to view statistics on external and NAT address usage

    fdpi_ctrl now has commands that allow you to view statistics on the usage of NAT and external addresses.  Additionally, you can now view the number of active sessions of gray addresses.
    You can learn about other improvements and additions to VAS Experts DPI from our specialists.

We are following VAS Experts and their products and will keep you up to date on the new developments. In our next post, we discuss the functionality of the free QoE module.

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