NetApp in Dubai is one of the world leaders in the storage and data management industry

What NetApp storage solves


Enhanced virtualization capabilities for both servers and workstations


Combining existing network attached storage (NAS) based on NetWare, Windows, etc.


Multiple copies of data for reporting, software development and testing


Significant savings on system resources by speeding up the backup process

Saving capacity and improving the convenience of service delivery by



Average capacity savings of 45%, maximum of 95% of full backups

Thin Replication

Data protection by disk-to-disk copying provides up to 95% free capacity

Virtual Clones

Virtual Clones

Snapshot Copies

Up to 80% capacity savings if only modified data is stored

Double Parity RAID

46% more capacity savings relative to mirroring and RAID10 methods

Thin Provisioning

Total capacity freed up by 20-33%

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NetApp Storage Advantages


Easy scalability and modernization thanks to a seamless system architecture


Ability to combine with enterprise applications and merge with virtualization systems


Optimal combination of excellent performance and high security against system failures


Integration of various protocols (NFS, FC, CIFS, iSCSI, FTP, HTTP) to form a complete converged storage system


Possibility of simultaneous file and block access through a single device

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NetApp SnapMirror Replication

SnapMirror - NetApp disk array-level replication technology

The database is backed up on a volume in read-only mode

Allows you to back up data on a NetApp disk array in the ITGLOBAL.COM cloud and keep it up to date

If the primary instance fails, the reverse replication mode is started and data is restored from the replica

SnapMirror - technology for efficient synchronous and asynchronous IP replication at the Netapp disk array level

Allows you to back up data on a NetApp disk array, including the ITGLOBAL.COM cloud, and keep it up to date. Multiple modes of operation and cascading capabilities enable low RPO and RTO.

Backing up NetApp SnapVault

The essence of the technology is regular copying of data from the source volume to the receiver volume in the ITGLOBAL.COM cloud according to a specified schedule. The technology makes it possible to organize long-term storage of backup copies with multiple versions both on the main and auxiliary storage system based on ONTAP OS, including in the ITGLOBAL.COM cloud.

The data copy is created in read-only mode

A copy of the data is created in read-only mode You can use it for different tasks The database on the source volume remains available, all actions are performed without stopping the service

The database on the source volume remains available, all actions are performed without stopping the service


SnapCenter is a suite of software (SnapCenter Server and host plug-in) from Netapp for centralized integration of hardware snapshots with various application software. SnapCenter saves time, automates and manages backup, recovery, cloning and migration processes.

The manufacturer officially supports the creation of application consistent snapshots for applications

MS Exchange, MS SQL, Oracle DB, SAP HANA, Windows File Systems и VMware VMs

Additionally, integrations
with applications have been created

Mongo DB, PosgreSQL, MySQL, IBM DB2 и SAP MAX DB

Backup site with NetApp® SnapMirror® Business Continuity (SM-BC)

SnapMirror Business Continuity is a new solution introduced in ONTAP 9.8 that works only on the NetApp all-flash models, AFF and ASA. It can be used to replicate both individual moons and consistency groups when you want to achieve simultaneous replication of an application distributed across multiple moons to obtain consistent data at a given point in time

This is an easier to build solution than the classic MetroCluster organization

The SM-BC architecture follows the MetroCluster architecture, where secondary nodes are in a read-only state and can transparently switch when the primary system is lost. The mediator receives data about the state of the nodes, based on which it decides to switch in case the primary system is unavailable

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Integration with antivirus software

ONTAP 9 OS supports integration with antivirus software
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