SimpleOne SDLC — management system for the development of software products and solutions based on flexible methodologies

Advantages of SimpleOne SDLC

Improving efficiency

Development teams increase their efficiency with the help of implemented Agile methodologies

Transparency and coordination

Transparent and easily managed development process using product portfolio, task typing and product reporting

Resource optimization

Planning labor costs and accounting for time spent optimize the resources of development teams

Customization and adaptation

Users and processes adapt faster with the help of team development tools and the availability of No-code and Low-code

SimpleOne SDLC is suitable for all types of business when needed:

  • Organize team development and improvement of both internal and external products.
  • Replacement of imported solutions with full-fledged migration of data and functionality.
  • Consolidation of data and development processes in a single system.
  • Customization of the system and automation of processes due to changes in business requirements.
  • Integration of the development system into a single SimpleOne ecosystem.
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Richard Gayler
Since we are focused on developing the final product, it has become unprofitable over time to spend effort on maintaining the IT infrastructure ourselves. I think any such project needs a partner who will help build a reliable infrastructure foundation and provide round-the-clock support. And we will be able to do our own thing: to develop and improve the service. ITGLOBAL.COM has become such a partner for us.
Murat Kenebaev
CEO CloudTek
As part of the project, CloudTek received a small amount of server and network equipment to provide fault-tolerant service. But we, as a provider, are now actively developing, so our hardware fleet will only grow in the near future
Two virtual servers have been organized on the basis of the dedicated infrastructure: Terminal Server + 1C server and DB server. This approach to IT organization has enabled us to provide high-quality infrastructure for accountants and to avoid capital expenditures.
We are satisfied with the quality of services provided by ITGLOBAL.COM Company. We can mention the quality of technical support and readiness to provide all necessary consultations quickly and efficiently. We are ready to recommend ITGLOBAL.COM virtual machines rent as a flexible solution allowing to avoid substantial costs on building your own infrastructure.
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SimpleOne SDLC.
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SimpleOne SDLC Features

Migration from other solutions

Transfer projects, tasks, users, and other key data to the SimpleOne SDLC application from other systems.

Create and manage software products

Use a ready-made approach to software lifecycle management and adapt it to your processes, needs or work specifics.

Manage team development

Create and develop products by organizing project teams, manage their composition, distribute roles and responsibilities among participants, according to Scrum and Kanban methodologies.

Visualize the tasks on the board

Focus on important tasks, use color indications. Only the necessary information to work on the task cards.

Select the required task types

To logically separate and simplify development management using standard task types: from global Epics to small Subtasks.

Plan and manage the team's backlog

Control the priority and speed of task completion by organizing a single agile backlog and iteration planning for the development team.

Resource planning

Allocate the resources of development teams by planning and accounting for labor costs directly on the project board.

Integration with version control systems

Transferring completed tasks to the release, tracking statuses, code changes for a related task, the ability to integrate with Git systems.

Automation using Agile

Automate the process of developing and managing the lifecycle of software solutions using Agile methodologies.

Agile Methodology Tools

Kanban Methodology Project
  • Kanban board with customized objects
  • WIP limits, dual statuses and service classes
  • Diagrams: Cumulative flow chart (CDF), production time histogram
  • Adding to the team’s backlog
Scrum Methodology project
  • Scrum board with customized components
  • Story points, sprints and team capacity
  • Diagrams: task combustion diagram, team speed
  • Team Sprint Planning
Our customers

SimpleOne SDLC.
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Our customers

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