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BNG/BRAS for broadband access providers

Broadband Network Gateway or Broadband Remote Access Server is a feature of the SCAT platform for authorization and termination of IPoE/PPPoE subscribers. The solution allows the provider to

Control subscribers' connection to the Internet via IPv4/IPv6 protocols

Apply polysynching

Improve quality of service (QoS)

Improve the quality of user experience (QoE)

When combining different types of networks and changing access technology, there is a need to provide services for all types of subscriber device authorization on the same BNG

  • PPPoE
  • DHCP
  • VMware SDDC Manager for Cloud Foundation
  • IPoE
  • Static
  • Vmware vRealize Network Insight
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Benefits of BNG/BRAS from VAS Experts

Support for virtual environments

Full Cone NAT allows packets received from any system to be sent over an external TCP/UDP port. Thanks to this technology, the ISP can provide transparency of peer-to-peer protocols (P2P, torrents, games)


Within NAT, subscribers can directly access each other's public addresses To access each other's public addresses without forwarding packets outside the device

Two control options

Each IP address pool has an individual limit on TCP and UDP connections for clients. The limits are set manually. This allows the operator to efficiently allocate resources among subscribers. If a connection is inactive, it is automatically closed, freeing up ports

High fault tolerance

Ensures that connections from a private address are linked to a public IP address

Reduce costs

You can choose any equipment you want - no manufacturer-specific requirements

The solution cannot become obsolete and require replacement - software licenses do not have an EoL

Pricing is based on bandwidth with no limit on number of subscribers

We provide direct contact with our developers - the system can be modified to solve a non-standard problem

Easy to deploy

BRAS/BNG software can be installed on any server hardware that meets the minimum requirements. Also, the hardware and software platform can be purchased from our partners.

Usually system deployment takes about 2 weeks when the server, network architecture and other preparatory works are ready. VAS Experts engineers help to implement the software and integrate it with the billing system. The operator’s engineers are provided with standardized methods for managing all functions, training and an accessible graphical interface.

Provider problems that BNG solves

At some point, every ISP faces the need for a scheduled or urgent service gateway upgrade.
Scaling up

As an ISP’s network grows, its performance and bandwidth resources are exhausted, making administration more complex, increasing energy bills and requiring more space to install equipment

Fault tolerance

All hardware eventually becomes unusable. The problem may be an expired support period or if the developer is unable to help repair the equipment


Large and mid-sized providers typically require more features to grow the company:

  • more analytics capabilities;
  • the ability to combine different types of user authorization;
  • the ability to change technologies, for example, when switching from ADSL to OLT;
  • development of new services, e.g. moving from multicast TV to OTT.
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The main purpose of BNG is user authorization and application of tariff plans

BNG is a function of the SCAT Service Gateway that analyzes traffic at layers 2-7 of the OSI model and processes protocol data units according to the rules applied to them. This allows the broadband operator to utilize traffic balancing within each uplink, for each subscriber and for all traffic within the device.

BNG allows you to manage traffic prioritization

Traffic can be flagged by the SCAT and forwarded further for prioritization at the router. The platform itself can manage the bandwidth according to algorithms (HTB, TBF) for each of the 8 classes of traffic that are defined based on signatures, e.g.: messengers, streaming video, social networks, torrents

A provider can load balance multiple BNGs

The use of a policy server (PCRF) allows an ISP to load balance multiple BNGs with synchronization of subscriber authorization statuses. PCRF is also responsible for reserving multiple BNGs and flexibly configuring interactions with Radius

Solution Architecture


Features of the BNG
from the developer VAS Experts

  • Supply of QoS according to the specified tariff plan
  • Internet access control for traffic IPv4/IPv6 with dual stack
  • Group control - one login is associated with multiple IP addresses
  • Enhanced speed of access to local resources and peer-to-peer networks
  • Full Radius with support for CoA option
  • Combining authorization types - L3 (IPoE) and L2 (DHCP, PPPoE, Static IP)
  • Dynamic routing with BGP, OSPF, IS-IS protocols
  • Support for VLAN, Q-in-Q, option82, LACP
  • CG-NAT and NAT 1:1 support
  • Active-Standby and Active-Active redundancy
  • Designation of additional tariff options
  • Redirecting users to Captive Portal
  • Support for zero-balance domain permission lists (independent of IP changes)
  • Getting NetFlow statistics for QoE Analytics module
  • Opportunities for marketing activities - analyzing subscriber actions
  • Internet Quality Monitoring - analyze network performance and detect threats
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