Audit of IT infrastructure in Dubai - analysis and ready development plan

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IT infrastructure audit will allow you to take the IT component of your business to the next level

An IT infrastructure audit will take the IT component of your business to the next level.

Correctly designed IT-infrastructure minimizes the risks of financial and reputational losses, information security problems, as well as will increase the efficiency of work.

ITGLOBAL.COM will conduct a complete audit of your IT infrastructure, identify weaknesses, propose and implement the best solution. After the implementation process is completed, we will undertake support of both hardware and software parts of your IT infrastructure.

When an IT infrastructure audit is needed

Implementation of new systems and technologies

When implementing new information systems, software, or hardware upgrades, an IT infrastructure audit will help identify potential problems and risks associated with the implementation. This will allow decisions to be made based on up-to-date data and ensure that the new solutions function safely and effectively

Business Growth and Changing Requirements

When an organization is faced with business growth, expanding operations or changing business model, an IT infrastructure audit helps assess the readiness of the system to handle the new requirements. It helps identify bottlenecks, optimize processes and ensure adequate support for the business development plan

System Security Assessment

With increasing cyber threats and the importance of protecting information, an IT infrastructure audit is essential to assess system security. It helps to identify possible vulnerabilities and gaps in security measures, and determine the necessary measures to improve the security of an organization’s information assets and data

Optimization of processes and resources

Conducting an IT infrastructure audit examines an organization’s current processes and resources. This helps identify potential improvements, optimize resource utilization, improve system performance, and reduce costs. The audit also helps establish metrics and key performance indicators for monitoring and planning purposes

What tasks the audit of
IT infrastructure solves

Planning for development

The results of an IT infrastructure audit become the basis for developing a technical and business development plan for the organization. The audit helps to identify strengths and weaknesses of the IT system, determine priorities and development needs, and plan changes and modernization of the system based on specific results and recommendations

Improvement of IT infrastructure

An audit allows you to analyze the level of security, including assessing protection measures, ensuring data confidentiality, and preventing potential threats. This is important to ensure the protection of information both within the organization and against external cyberattacks

Improving economic efficiency

The audit identifies opportunities to optimize IT resources, improve the performance and efficiency of IT systems, and rationalize the use of resources in the organization

Compliance assessment

An audit helps to assess the compliance of the IT infrastructure with the standards, regulations and legislation that govern the operation of information systems. This helps to confirm the organization's compliance with security, information confidentiality and data integrity requirements

Prevention of losses and failures

Auditing helps identify potential risks and vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure, which allows you to take steps to prevent them. Conducting an audit helps prevent potential failures and problems, and allows you to develop backup, data recovery and business continuity plans

How we work


Preparing for the audit : study of the main issues

  • What services and applications are currently running?
  • What kind of data is stored?
  • What are the requirements for the stored data?
  • What goals were planned to be achieved on the current infrastructure configuration?
  • What new services are planned to be deployed in the near future?
  • What is frustrating about the current infrastructure?
Audit boundaries are also pre-arranged and access to the necessary infrastructure is obtained

Drawing up a survey plan

After the initial dialog, based on the data received, a detailed IT infrastructure survey plan is drawn up, indicating what details need to be paid closer attention to

IT infrastructure survey

According to the plan drawn up, the IT infrastructure is surveyed.

Server infrastructure : analysis of the state of the existing server infrastructure, architecture analysis, resource utilization analysis, software analysis, monitoring analysis.

Virtual infrastructure : virtual infrastructure analysis, architecture analysis, vSAN cluster analysis.

Network infrastructure : Network infrastructure: analysis of the state of the existing server infrastructure, architecture analysis, analysis of system elements, analysis of L2 and L3 levels, analysis of network security, analysis of monitoring.

Storage Infrastructure : analyze the state of the existing storage infrastructure, analyze the architecture, analyze resource utilization.

Service Infrastructure : analyzing the state of services, analyzing the architecture of services.

Analyzing the collected data

After the survey, we will start analyzing the collected data. Our team will review options for improving your IT infrastructure and choose the best option that meets all your company's requirements.


All deficiencies found will be outlined in the final report. It will also include information on how to improve the IT infrastructure in the most optimal way.

Results of the audit of
IT infrastructure

As a result of the audit, you will receive a detailed report

Description of all issues identified during the audit process

Recommendations for correcting critical problems

Tips for optimizing your current IT infrastructure

Providing further IT infrastructure development plan



We have over 15 years of experience as an integrator and service provider for clients in a wide variety of industries

Individual approach

Based on our experience, we will offer the best solution to meet your business objectives, whether it's integrating physical servers into a data center or creating a virtual data center based on vStack

Full service cycle

ITGLOBAL.COM provides a full range of IT services aimed at IT infrastructure development. We will independently plan and integrate the solution into your business, as well as provide its further support

Support 24/7

From certified experts with in-depth knowledge of server operating systems of all families
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Our customers

Audit of IT infrastructure
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Our customers

Audit of IT infrastructure
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