VMware ESXi

VMware ESXi is an “empty” hypervisor included in the VMware vSphere package. Unlike other software applications that require a basic operating system, ESXi is installed directly on a physical server, turning it into a powerful virtual machine host.

Advantages of VMware ESXi

  • Reducing overhead costs. The absence of a basic OS reduces the overhead of resources, providing higher VM performance.
  • Increased security. Features such as Secure Boot ensure that only signed code will work in the hypervisor.
  • Centralized management. With vCenter Server, you can manage multiple ESXi hosts from a single panel.
  • Advanced features. vMotion, High Availability and Fault Tolerance increase the reliability and uptime of virtual machines.

VMware ESXi compared to other hypervisors

VMware Workstation

  • A hypervisor of the second type. Requires a basic OS.
  • It is focused on desktop systems. Ideal for developers and testers.
  • Limited scalability. It is best suited for small virtual environments.

Microsoft Hyper-V

  • Integrated into Windows. It is part of Windows Server.
  • Flexible configurations. Hypervisors of types 1 and 2 are supported.
  • Various editions. Different editions meet different business needs.

VMware ESXi

  • Type 1 hypervisor. It is directly installed on the server hardware.
  • It is focused on enterprises. Designed for large-scale virtualization.
  • High scalability. Supports a variety of virtual machines with a large number of allocated resources.

Practical application of VMware ESXi

  • Data processing centers. Effective management and allocation of resources in large-scale operations.
  • Disaster recovery. Fast replication and recovery of virtual environments.
  • Remote offices. Centralization of IT management even for geographically distributed offices.
  • Development and testing. Creating isolated environments for testing new applications.

Licensing and costs

VMware offers various ESXi licensing options, from the free version with basic features to enterprise versions with advanced functionality. Before choosing a license, it is necessary to assess the needs of the organization and budget constraints.

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