Cisco ISR

Cisco ISR is a series of routers that integrates a variety of network services necessary for applications used in a business environment. These routers play a key role not only in ensuring an uninterrupted connection, but also in protecting data traffic on networks.

The main ISR series

Cisco Catalyst 8000V Edge Software. SD-WAN, WAN gateway and network services functions for virtual and cloud environments.

The Catalyst 8200 series. Accelerated operation of the Secure Access Service (SASE) and intelligent routing at the edge of the global network.

Cisco Catalyst 8300 Series edge platforms. Multi-domain integration, SD-WAN services and comprehensive security for connecting branches based on cloud technologies.

Routers with integrated Cisco 4000 series services. Integrated storage and computing at gigabit speeds for large offices.

Routers with integrated Cisco 1000 series services. Routing, switching and wireless communication in compact devices.

Features and benefits

An intent-based network. Cisco ISR supports intent-based networking, which simplifies the deployment of SD-WAN and security policies on thousands of centrally managed sites.

Safety. Cisco ISR provides data protection, threat localization, and verification of encrypted traffic from the border to the cloud over any connection.

The customer’s experience. Cisco ISR optimizes the operation of cloud and on-premises applications, improves productivity through real-time analytics, visibility and control.

On-demand network services. Cisco ISR responds quickly to business needs with on-demand network services that can be deployed anywhere.

Cisco ISR Application Areas

SD-WAN. Cisco ISR plays a crucial role in ensuring a secure connection between users and applications anywhere using cloud computing capabilities.

SD-Branch. Cisco ISR simplifies operation and facilitates the rapid deployment of new services on any platform. This is the optimal solution for various branch office router needs.

Router security. With Cisco ISR, organizations can effectively implement VPNs and threat protection solutions, providing a secure and resilient routing infrastructure.

Choosing the right Cisco ISR Router

Choosing the right Cisco ISR depends on the specific needs and size of the organization. Cisco offers a Router Selector tool that helps you find a router that meets all business requirements.

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