ITGLOBAL.COM NL has just achieved the Gold Status with one of our most significant partners
ITGLOBAL.COM NL has just achieved the Gold Status with one of our most significant partners

NetApp has always been a foundation for the ITGLOBAL.COM NL cloud business in different countries.

ITGLOBAL.COM NL both trusts and relies on the NetApp Portfolio when helps our customers to “mind the gap” by providing holistic Data Lifecyle Management Solutions focused on data protection, movement, management and cost optimization.

We have achieved this through breadth and depth of our resources and our “cloud first” mindset.

ITGLOBAL.COM NL had several reasons to invest in the NetApp Portfolio, including:

  • extensive solution portfolio;
  • ability to build a reliable on-premise infrastructure;
  • only storage vendor trusted by all three public clouds (AWS, Microsoft, Google) technologies that are constantly evolving;
  • trusted by thousands of clients globally.

Our “customer-service-centered” approach requires ITGLOBAL.COM NL to be committed to the continued dedication of increasing our professional vendor competence and certification programs. We believe this builds our competitive advantage in the field ensuring all our recommendations are based on the accurate and current vendor best practices.

Together with our clients, ITGLOBAL.COM NL as a team is proud of this status recognition.

NetApp solutions used by ITGLOBAL.COM

The company’s IT infrastructure is built on high performance NetApp storage systems of FAS, E and AFF series, including the latest AFF А400, А700 and А800 solutions with NVMe/FC protocol support.
ITGLOBAL.COM uses FlexPod converged platform as the base architecture for its cloud platforms. This solution is a co-product of NetApp and Cisco; it has the proven record of being one of the best integrated solutions for a reliable, flexible and efficient infrastructure.

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