Audit of the IT service

The audit of the IT service is an important link in the chain of a set of measures for the formation of a functional and stable information security system of the enterprise.

When IT is necessary to audit the IT department

According to the practice of outsourcing companies offering IT department audits, customers most often apply for the service in the following cases:

  • when reorganizing the IT department due to changes in the scale of the enterprise (for example, after a merger or takeover of the organization’s assets)
  • when changing the owner or replacing senior positions in the company
  • in case of any changes in the company’s strategic or business plans
  • in case of problems in the information security system
  • when assessing the price of business assets in general and the IT component in particular
  • when determining the qualification level of the company’s personnel

When conducting an audit of the IT department, it is important to be able to correctly present the goals and objectives of the audit, since employees often react negatively to such interference in the workflow. But often the opposite situations also happen, when the actions of the employees themselves provoke the management to check the competencies and quality of the IT department. In this case, it is better to invite a third-party auditor.

Information security audit

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IT Department audit scheme

The audit of the IT service is carried out according to a clear scheme (plan). Based on the results of the audit, it is possible to take measures to reorganize the entire IT department, as well as changes in the operation of the information security system.

The procedure for conducting an audit:

  1. Examination and analysis. First, all important data related to the company’s activities and its main business processes are collected. Then the audit is conducted directly by the IT department of the company.
  2. Design and development. Based on the information obtained after the analysis and audit, new organizational models of the IT department of the enterprise are being created.
  3. Realization. The updated mechanism of functioning of the IT department is being implemented in the company.
  4. At the last stage, the auditor conducts a final analysis of the company’s IT service.

Objective and professional IT audit is one of the factors of high-quality business growth.

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