Cisco UCS C480 M5

The Cisco UCS C480 M5 server belongs to the rack type, and is a technological device that is used in information structures that are designed to process various resource-intensive processes, as well as to work with large amounts of data.

Servers of this type are recommended for computing at the network boundaries (edge computing) or for working at other tiers of the application architecture. The server is characterized by high performance and efficiency.

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Features and Benefits of Cisco UCS C480 M5

The Cisco UCS C480 M5 server belongs to enterprise-scale servers and is characterized by increased computing power and an advanced I/O system.

The Cisco UCS C480 M5 rack server should be used in areas where it is necessary to ensure:

  • the highest performance indicators of DBMS, including those working entirely in RAM (in-memory database);
  • virtualization or stable operation of processes associated with it;
  • the functioning of various analytical applications that process large amounts of data;
  • the operation of the infrastructure to support a plurality of virtualized automated workstations (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure).

The server is built on a modular architecture. Thanks to this solution, it can be scaled vertically, thereby providing support for large databases in a single server.

The Cisco UCS C480 M5 4RU form factor, there is enough space to install any auxiliary components as needed.

Moreover, the modular solution implemented in Cisco UCS C480 M5 allows the end user to pay in fact only for those hardware and software capabilities that are required in a particular case.

The server can be equipped with 6 powerful GPUs, so that the server system can successfully cope with a wide variety of graphics tasks in terms of complexity and resource intensity, including desktop virtualization (VDI).

Hardware configuration

The Cisco UCS C480 M5 is equipped with efficient and high-performance hardware, which, depending on the specific configuration, can be based on 2 or 4 processors of the Intel Xeon Scalable family, including the 2nd Generation. Each processor can have a maximum number of cores involved, equal to 28.

The maximum potential of the server can be reached using the DDR4 2933 MHz memory strips. Its volume can be expanded to 12 TB. You can create the required volume using slats for 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256 GB. The total number of DIMM slots for RAM is 48. Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory can be installed on half of the slots.

The Cisco UCS C480 M5 information storage subsystem also has a modular structure, and if necessary, it can also be expanded by adapting it to the necessary tasks. The capacity of local data storage is 32 SATA and SAS media and PCIe NVMe small SFF form factor on the front side.

The server system is characterized by increased resistance to power failures, which is due to redundant power supplies that support hot swapping and the installation of backup 1600 W AC power supplies.

Network connectivity is provided by two 10 GBASE-T Intel x550 Ethernet ports and optional Cisco VIC convergent adapters installed in the mLOM slot and PCIe Gen3.0 slots, the total number of which is 12. And server management is implemented on the basis of Cisco proprietary software, CIMC in offline mode or as part of the UCS Manager domain in integration mode with the unified UCS factory.

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