Cisco UCS Director

Cisco UCS Director is a software environment for managing Cisco UCS (Unified Computing System), which is used for consolidation within the advanced administration panel, as well as for monitoring 4 critical elements of the data center:

  • servers;
  • virtualization environments;
  • information storage systems;
  • network infrastructure.

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Cisco UCS Director is used to improve IT compatibility within the network and optimize the execution of work tasks. With this software solution, you can increase the efficiency of the data center several times by replacing manual processes with automation and increase the processing speed of dynamic processes.

As a result, the complexity of the data center topology will be reduced and the availability level will be increased. As a result, this will reduce the burden on the company’s working staff, as well as significantly increase profitability and productivity levels.


With the help of Cisco UCS Director software, you can significantly optimize the company’s activities due to the following factors:

  • Cisco UCS Director allows you to configure and allocate hardware resources for both virtual and physical networks;
  • The software allows you to implement targeted data center architectures with the definition of individual security policies, as well as to implement the isolation of necessary resources (multi-tenancy);
  • It provides the possibility of monitoring with forecasts and recovery in case of problems, which increases the availability of the data center;
  • implemented support for the implementation of hyperconvergent and convergent infrastructures “from scratch”;
  • The software solution helps to quickly install, configure and deploy entire Splunk and Hadoop platforms literally “in one click” to a state of readiness for use by productive services or developers of such.

In addition to all of the above, Cisco UCS Director provides advanced monitoring, in-depth diagnostics, analysis, and reporting support, which allows you to clearly monitor the state of the infrastructure.

The positive sides

The UCS Director software product has several important positive aspects:

  • With UCS Director, the data center scales easily by automating the processes of implementing new infrastructure complexes. At the same time, support for all new clients, platforms, and locations will be implemented.
  • The speed of the infrastructure’s response to new business requirements within the framework of competition will be increased.
  • Cisco UCS Director will allow you to organize and automate the management of devices from Cisco and third-party manufacturers, which will have a positive impact on the efficiency of administration without increasing the number of competent employees or increasing the load on current working staff.
  • If necessary, resources will be provided in minutes, and the speed of performing typical operations will be increased by automating them. The performance of the data center will eventually be brought to a completely new level.
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