Cloud server leasing

A virtual server rental service based on the hardware capacities of a cloud provider. The cloud server is located in the data center in a cluster of physical hardware resources of the system, which are combined into one array.

As a rule, cloud server rental services are provided for a period of 1 to 12-24 months or more.

Hybrid cloud rental

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Advantages of renting a cloud server

  • You don’t need to spend money on organizing and maintaining your own infrastructure. The client will not purchase its own server, hire staff to maintain and administer it. The customer does not need to change the equipment himself in case of its failure.
  • Server resources can be scaled. At any time, the client can delete or add resources for storing or processing data based on their own needs. Server performance can be increased without suspending its operation.
  • Transparent and convenient payment scheme. The client pays only for what he needs (the resources actually allocated to him by the provider).
  • Access from anywhere in the world. Work with server capacities can be organized literally from any place on the planet where there is stable Internet access.
  • There are no strict requirements for client hardware. The characteristics of the user’s PC can be any. There is no need to purchase new expensive equipment to access the remote server.
  • Prompt error handling. Hardware failures and downtime are minimized, because the performance of the remote server is constantly monitored, and all errors and problems that arise are eliminated as quickly as possible. If a failure occurs, the client’s data and software will be transferred to another production server.
  • The possibility of implementing a multi-user mode. By renting a cloud server, the client gets the opportunity to run virtual desktops to which different users can connect. Each of them can work with server capacities independently.
  • The speed of information processing. Due to the fact that the client can customize the resources used “for himself”, this allows you to quickly change the processing speed of any data, which preserves the high competitiveness of the enterprise.
  • 24/7 technical support. Most hosting providers provide round-the-clock technical support to their users.
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