CWOM Cisco Workload Optimization Manager

Cisco Workload Optimization Manager (or CWOM) is a software for optimizing the workload on Cisco equipment included in the company’s infrastructure.

It is a powerful analytical engine, a system of recommendations and decision support, thanks to which you can analyze the effectiveness of using specific various resources in real time.

CWOM allows you to get a set of clear recommendations for improving the performance and efficiency of using server and network equipment.

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Cisco Workload Optimization Manager can also make decisions on its own and perform any actions to improve the performance of the IT infrastructure (for example, change the location of the load).

The software can be run in upgrade planning mode on older hardware. It analyzes the current loads (in real time) and then simulates them on the target servers of new models without the need for testing on “live” servers.

In addition, Cisco Workload Optimization Manager can successfully cope with the tasks of coordinating the allocation of resources needed by applications and simultaneously evaluate the capabilities of the infrastructure if it is deployed in the cloud. The CWOM software solution can be used with any Cisco UCS components:

  • switching factories of FI-6200/6300/6400 models;
  • blade chassis;
  • blade modules;
  • input/output devices.

This will allow the client to significantly save on an enterprise scale, because computing power resources for cloud environments and virtualization tasks are spent carefully.

In addition, the proprietary Cisco UCS Director software, which comes bundled with Cisco Workload Optimization Manager, allows you to automatically deploy target reference architectures. And after deployment, during operation, CWOM will allocate resources to ensure maximum efficiency of running applications, as well as high performance in parallel with economical use of equipment.

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