Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a cloud computing method in which a provider provides users with virtual desktops over the Internet. Thus, the service allows you to run any application in the browser.

DaaS (Desktop as a Service), like VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), provides its users with the following features:

  • secure access to applications;
  • centralized management;
  • remote access to applications;
  • the ability to carry out work without the need for self-administration.

The principle of operation of DaaS

The DaaS service allows providers to host IT infrastructure on cloud servers, as well as broadcast a virtual desktop to a user’s device. Modern technologies allow the use of DaaS, including for transferring applications with intensive use of graphic elements.

In case of increased workload on the server, the administrator has the opportunity to quickly transfer the virtual machine to another physical server, which avoids interruptions in operation. At the same time, the main advantages of using DaaS are considered to be simplified management, increased flexibility and low financial maintenance costs.

Collaboration between VDI and DaaS

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is often used to expand and develop functionality when working with VDI, for example, for:

  • flexible provision of remote access to data for temporary employees;
  • creating a backup data center (DPC) using VDI;
  • simplify the use of public cloud services using DaaS;
  • savings on machines and systems that require additional maintenance.

Unlike Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), DaaS:

  • assumes the use of VDI as a service;
  • performs automatic weekly updates;
  • offers flexible payment of workload costs;
  • it is a structure consisting of global cloud services, while it can use local infrastructure;
  • It is quick to set up and flexible to use.
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