Data Science

Data science is a modern discipline for working with information. It allows you to obtain the necessary data for further analysis, processing and use for specific purposes.

The specialist’s task is to carefully process data arrays and obtain a predictable result. The result of the study is a model, which is an algorithm for further actions in solving the task.

Basic principles

Data science is based on mathematics. Methods of linear algebra, statistics, and optimization are mainly used to work with data.

The order of operation of Data science consists of 5 main stages:

  1. Data collection. The purpose of the collection, the required amount of data and the methods by which the information will be obtained are determined.
  2. Preparation. The formation of an up-to-date database, its validation.
  3. Processing. The separation of information, the definition of methods that will be used in the work for a specific task.
  4. Analysis. Data science processing of the project – analysis, forecasting based on the received data. A Data science project is created for each specific study. It necessarily includes several stages: a hypothesis, an experimental plan, and an assessment of the suitability of the results for solving a specific task.
  5. Communication. Presentation of data in the form of reports, on the basis of which proposals for solving a specific task are based.

Any project has a chance of error or exclusion.

Scope of application

Data science is actively used in commercial and non-profit organizations, as well as for private use. The discipline is most often used in the following cases:

  • Forecasting demand. Based on past sales data, future demand can be predicted. Patterns are determined that allow you to quickly plan and rebuild business processes.
  • Recommendations. Internet services use Data science to generate offers based on user preferences, such as music, videos, online shopping, etc.
  • Pricing. E-commerce companies have data on sales from the previous period. This information allows you to analyze prices and form an optimal offer.

Data volumes are growing regularly. In this regard, Data science technologies are also rapidly developing, providing great opportunities for obtaining and processing data in various fields.

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