Data Security Officer (DSO)

Data Security Officer (DSO) is an information security specialist who is responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring an organization’s data security strategy, including protecting confidential information from threats, complying with legal requirements and training employees in security protocols.

Responsibilities of the Data Security Officer

Policy development and implementation. DSO develops and implements a data security policy that meets the company’s requirements.

Risk management. The DSO identifies, evaluates, and manages security risks for an organization’s data assets.

Compliance with the requirements. The DSO ensures compliance with data protection laws and regulations from regulatory authorities.

Incident response. In the event of a data security breach, the DSO leads a team to respond promptly to incidents, minimize the consequences and prevent such situations in the future.

Education and awareness raising. DSO trains employees in data security techniques and the importance of protecting confidential information.

The result of the DSO

Increasing the level of security. DSO increases the level of information security of data and other information assets.

Compliance with regulatory requirements. The DSO helps the organization navigate the complex landscape of data protection laws.

Risk reduction. The DSO identifies and manages risks, thereby helping to prevent data leakage.

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