Gatekeeper is a software embedded in the network to protect it from external influences. It works thanks to a router with specially configured management tools and a UNIX-based server.

Gatekeeper protects not only the internal network from unwanted networks, servers, sites, etc., but also prevents data from the internal network from entering the Internet.


  • managing shared IP communication from a central point;
  • creating a blacklist of questionable servers and networks;
  • blocking questionable and unwanted traffic;
  • filtering connections based on a previously set access control list;
  • log of user statistics, errors, and connections;
  • working with databases of IP/Ethernet addresses;
  • service usage statistics.

Principles of setting up

Gatekeeper is a complex technical element. It is unlikely to be possible to install and run it based only on the instructions. Therefore, first of all, it is important that the installation is handled by a professional. In addition, it is worth spending time training users who will use the network with Gatekeeper already installed.

It is better to spend the testing period of the program on the internal network. At the same time, computers and other devices that will have access to the network are being tested.

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