Hosting is a service for providing the end user with server resources that are constantly connected to an external network (Internet). Server hardware is used, for example, for the operation of a website or a database.

In most cases, the service is included in the service package of the company’s website. It includes a minimal set: providing disk space for e-mail, a database, support for the necessary services for the stable operation of the site, etc.

Infrastructure as a service

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Types of hosting

The service is divided into 5 types.

  • Virtual. One physical server with multiple sites deployed on it. They can belong to either one owner or several. Users have the same rights in relation to the allocated resources, but administration is carried out by the provider, not the customer.
  • A virtual dedicated server. The customer is provided with a dedicated part of the disk space and fixed computing resources of the server. The owner gets administrator rights, which allows him to independently configure and modify the software.
  • Cloud server and hosting. Similar to the previous view, only resources are allocated not on the physical server, but on the virtual one. The fault tolerance of the service is due to the presence of a server cluster. In case of failure of one server, the load is distributed to others.
  • Dedicated server. The client is provided with a separate physical server with full administrative rights. This option is suitable for the owner of a medium-sized business.
  • Colocation. The customer places its own physical servers in the provider’s data center.

The price for hosting is calculated for each client individually, depending on the resources provided. For example, virtual hosting is the most budget—friendly, and a dedicated server costs an order of magnitude more. But at the same time, for the last two options, the customer will need to have a technical specialist on staff who will administer the site, or hire an outsourcing company.

When choosing the type of hosting, it is recommended to consult with the provider beforehand in order to choose the most optimal option for the desired tasks.

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