MetroCluster is a geo-distributed, fault-tolerant cluster that is based on NetApp’s FAS information storage system. Such a cluster is a separate storage system divided into two parts, one of which always stores a backup copy of the data.

MetroCluster is used to form a high-availability storage/service, and in case of an emergency, it quickly provides a copy of the hot reserve data for further work with them.

NetApp Information storage systems

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MetroCluster is a software solution that allows you to achieve constant availability of storage and almost completely eliminate the risk of information loss. MetroCluster is implemented based on synchronous clustering, mirroring and replication technologies.

MetroCluster can be attributed to an autonomous and self-sufficient clustering solution, because this software allows you to perform the most seamless emergency switching, which is considered a guarantee of trouble-free operation of priority applications.

Moreover, using MetroCluster, you can get rid of the need to systematically perform routine operations related to making adjustments. This minimizes the risk of errors due to the human factor.

Due to the lack of the need to attract additional staff, MetroCluster also allows you to save a lot on system administration.

MetroCluster Features

The solution has powerful functionality, among which the following important features can be highlighted:

  • Minimization of downtime caused by automatic updates, without the need to suspend work.
  • Reducing the time of emergency downtime, due to the ability to quickly switch to auxiliary, spare equipment.
  • Ensuring the highest degree of availability in virtualization environments through the use of VMware® FT and HA technologies.

Among the advantages of the solution:

  • the ability to switch with just one command;
  • maximum effective change management;
  • protection of equipment from all kinds of failures;
  • continuous software updates;
  • fast deployment, without complex applications and scripts;
  • simple and fast error-free crash recovery;
  • minimizing the influence of the human factor.

In addition to all of the above, MetroCluster software is economically beneficial for the enterprise, it can guarantee constant availability of information in critical environments of any level — from a small data center (data center) to an entire metropolis.

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