The term “multivendor” comes from a combination of the prefix “multi”, meaning “many”, and the English word “vendor”, which translates as “supplier”. Thus, a multi-vendor system is called a system that combines several suppliers.

Multi-vendor solutions are often used by businesses to optimize internal processes, which creates a unique multi-vendor environment. Also, the term “multivendor” is often used in the context of describing the principle of operation of the largest marketplaces.

Multivendor for business process optimization

A multi—vendor environment is a computer network that supports tools from two or more manufacturers or providers, which allows companies to use more applications and platforms to solve business problems.

Multi-vendor solutions allow and provide:

  • to attract solutions from the best suppliers in the market for each business task;
  • keep solutions up-to-date with more updates;
  • flexibility in the implementation of professional tasks;
  • independence from a single supplier.

However, there are also difficulties:

  • the responsibility for the compatibility of solutions from different suppliers lies with the company;
  • multi-vendor solutions are more expensive than similar ones from a single supplier.

Multi-vendor Integration Protocol (MVIP)

The multi-vendor integration protocol, or MVIP, is a special connection that allows data transmission, used for computer telephony integration equipment, that is, to ensure the interaction of computer and telephone communications with each other. 

MVIP products are used not only for backbone interfaces, but also for:

  • voice processing boards;
  • the equipment necessary for speech recognition;
  • the implementation of fax processing.

Multi-vendor marketplace

A multi—vendor marketplace is a special platform that allows many different sellers to offer their products or services.

The most famous global marketplaces of this type are Amazon, eBay and Etsy; in Russia, Ozon, Wildberries, Avito and others are known. Such marketplaces offer sellers a wide ready—made base of loyal customers, and buyers a diverse assortment.

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