NetApp StorageGRID

Due to the explosive growth in the volume of information, the problem of data storage arises, which in one way or another concerns any enterprise, regardless of the complexity of projects and field of activity.

To solve this problem, it is necessary to ensure the security, accessibility and the ability to quickly recover lost information in huge volumes. It is for these purposes that the StorageGRID solution from NetApp was created.

NetApp StorageGRID

StorageGRID is an object-based information storage technology that is distributed across different sites. This method has no spatial reference, allowing data to be distributed even at sites that are significantly remote from each other.

Object storage of information

Object storage of information implies that each file stores its own metadata inside itself, both data on owners, groups and access levels, as well as other attributes (date, time of creation, etc.).

Knowing these attributes, it is possible to implement information storage, for example, at the storage device level using Object-based Storage Device Commands with access and transmission of information over IP protocol.

Features of the solution

NetApp StorageGRID is an object storage system that can be deployed on the client side or implemented on the cloud. StorageGRID is designed to simplify access to data located at remote sites.

For the first time, this technology was introduced in the American national health system, as for many years in the United States there were problems with the effective storage of large amounts of data and providing them with the simplest possible access.

Today, NetApp’s StorageGRID is used by many large manufacturers of medical and other equipment — AGFA, Siemens, etc., and many other companies are considering switching to StorageGRID.

The StorageGRID solution is also actively used in cloud technologies to store information of a wide variety of nature and purpose: from classified government data to the results of large-scale scientific research.

StorageGRID consists of 2 key parts that can function both individually and together as a single solution:

  1. NetApp StorageGRID appliance based on the E-Series is a hardware and software complex.
  2. NetApp StorageGRID WebScale is a special software.

Both of the above solutions can be deployed on the basis of a single cluster or remotely from each other.

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