Platform as a Service

PaaS (Platform as a Service or platform as a service) is one of the varieties of the cloud service delivery model, which involves allocating information and technological infrastructure to the user: databases, software, operating system, etc.

Platform services

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Speaking about the technological part of the infrastructure, it is worth understanding the provision of various cloud resources to the end user.

The software (information) part consists of 4 components:

  1. OS (operating system)
  2. a system for conducting tests
  3. a system for working with databases
  4. binding software

The main advantage in choosing a PaaS service is that the client has the opportunity to reduce or completely eliminate any financial costs for the formation of data centers (analysis, distribution, systematization, verification, etc.). The main customers of PaaS services are developers who, within the framework of PaaS, receive a full—fledged hardware environment for creating software.

PaaS also assumes that the client will not have to involve any third-party administrators who will be engaged in “fine-tuning” the operating system, database management and solving all other related issues, since the PaaS format implies a service that already includes administration and configuration of infrastructure, database management, OS and software configuration security.

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