PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet) is a network information transfer protocol used to connect to a network that has additional features compared to xDSL. It encapsulates PPP data inside the IP network protocol and transmits it over Ethernet.

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The protocol creates a tunnel between two endpoints. The first is the user’s workplace, and the second is the provider’s equipment. The IP address that is assigned to the user’s workstation is not permanent. With each new connection, the DHCP server automatically updates the IP address for the new connection.

Inside the tunnel, information is protected using a cryptographic cipher. Traffic is also compressed, which increases the amount of data transmitted and, as a result, increases the speed of the user’s work on the network.

To create a connection, it is mandatory to go through the authentication procedure. To do this, the user uses a pair of login and password that the provider gave him during registration.

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