SAP is an international software provider that provides services related to various deployment models (on—premises, cloud, hybrid). Translated from German, the name means “Development of system analysis programs”.

SAP software allows corporations to centrally manage data, which makes it possible to manage business processes more efficiently and at the same time provide access to data to many employees.

SAP software services are used to speed up routine work processes, increase operational efficiency and productivity, improve customer service and increase company profits.

What is SAP ERP?

SAP ERP is software developed by SAP SE. ERP, which allows enterprise resource planning and integration of key business process functions into a single system within a single corporation.

The ERP system consists of modules — special software components — each of which specializes in a specific business service. Each organization can flexibly combine only those modules that it needs:

  • Human Capital Management (SAP HCM);
  • production planning (SAP PP);
  • materials Management (SAP MM);
  • project system (SAP PS);
  • sales and distribution (SAP SD);
  • installation maintenance (SAP PM);
  • finance and controlling (SAP FICO);
  • quality Management (SAP QM).

SAP ERP systems, including SAP ECC, are deployed using a three-tier client—server IT architecture:

  • presentation level;
  • application layer;
  • the database level.

Who needs SAP services

SAP worldwide provides the opportunity to improve skills in the areas relevant to the company. For example, you can develop new skills and get a certificate in business planning, system security and much more.

SAP hosting allows you to optimize management in IT processes for business and ensure maximum efficiency of SAP applications. Such a solution is great for companies that:

  • they are already using other SAP products;
  • they plan to develop and expand their own business processes;
  • They want to increase the flexibility of SAP products;
  • they want to reduce the costs associated with using SAP services.

Specialists ITGLOBAL.COM They can take on assistance with managing SAP projects, including solving migration and technical support issues.

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