Security as a service

ecurity as a service (SECaaS) is a service that integrates into the client’s infrastructure to ensure information security at an informatization facility.

The service is delivered in the form of software located in the provider’s cloud.

Among the services provided are data encryption, email security, information loss prevention, network security, continuous monitoring, disaster recovery, etc.

Available service models

SECaaS is available to customers in three models:

  1. Is free. The basic functions of most providers are available for free (for example, Panda Cloud Cloud antivirus), but the premium part will only be available for money (subscription or purchase).
  2. Subscription. The client selects the necessary options and pays for specific services on a monthly basis. By agreement with the provider, payment can be made quarterly or weekly.
  3. Payment after use. The customer receives the necessary service (for example, a simulated hacker attack to identify vulnerabilities – a pentest), and after completion pays.

The customer receives a flexible payment system for the service and selects only the necessary functions. This approach saves the client’s budget, but does not worsen information security at the facility.

Cloud computing



Using the SECaaS service provides end customers with dynamic scalability – cloud solutions are able to scale “on demand”. In this way, the customer can expand their infrastructure (servers, workstations, etc.), on which the necessary information security tools will be immediately installed without fear.

The client receives a single database that contains a list of threats and viruses. It is updated online and collects data from all connections where an attack or hacking attempt was made. This service is also called “continuous protection”.

The service provider also provides a single entry point for monitoring and administration. The client receives a ready-made solution with a user-friendly interface and selected options.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the speed of integration of the service at the selected customer facility. Since this is a cloud service, after signing the contract, the client receives the selected options almost instantly.

Security as a service appeared several years ago, but has already gained popularity and popularity. Customers are ready to purchase this service to ensure the information security of the company.

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