Service Desk

Service Desk is one of the main ideas described in ITIL (the world’s most popular IT service management guide). According to the third edition of ITIL, the Service Desk can be considered as:

  1. A functional unit of the company that is focused on working with specific events related to the services provided by this company. These events are sent to the dispatch service via the feedback form, by phone number, via online chat, etc.
  2. Single Point Of Contact is a single point of contact, a method of interaction between the company’s customers or the user of its services and the service provider.

The main task of the (primary aim) Service Desk is to restore the optimal level of service as soon as possible. In this situation, “restoring the optimal level of service” can be understood as quite a lot of problems that need to be eliminated:

  • hardware failure;
  • software problems;
  • an unsatisfied request for a service;
  • execution of a service request, etc.

The dispatch service is obliged to do everything so that the end user of the services is satisfied with the service and continues to cooperate with the company.

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Some subtleties of the Service Desk

The appearance of the Service Desk on the market is a logical continuation of the introduction of a service approach to customer service. If users use any services in the IT niche, then if any problematic situations arise, it is necessary to create an optimal point of contact between these users and company representatives.

Therefore, the Service Desk can also be considered as a kind of buffer interface functioning between the consumer of services and the IT company, which allows you to competently organize the interaction of representatives of the support service and consumers of services.

Advantages of the solution

The organization of the Service Desk gives the company the following advantages:

  • maximum convenience for users, as they contact support through a single point;
  • even with an increase in the flow of requests, the Service Desk allows you to cope with requests using a request separation scheme (for example, one group of operators works with technical problems, another with financial problems, etc.).

The Service Desk also involves collecting statistics on requests with their further analysis and analysis. This allows the company to identify its strengths and weaknesses, optimize some business processes and more.

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