Thin client

A thin client is a computer or program whose computing functions depend on another device (usually a central server). Unlike traditional desktop computers, on which full-fledged operating systems and applications are installed locally, thin clients work mainly as terminals, sending keyboard and mouse data to the server and receiving on-screen output in response.

How thin clients work

The essence of a thin client is a centralized computing model. The entire main load, including data processing, storage and application launch, falls on the server. The thin client acts as a gateway connecting the user to these server resources.

Advantages of the model

  • Reducing hardware costs. Because thin clients have minimal hardware requirements, they tend to be more affordable than traditional PCs.
  • Increased security. All data is stored on the server, which reduces the risk of theft by the client.
  • Easy maintenance. With centralized storage of applications and data, IT professionals can manage, update, and troubleshoot more efficiently.

Thin and thick clients

Thin clients. They depend on servers and have minimal local data storage and processing capabilities. Ideal for organizations that seek centralized management and lower IT overhead.

Fat clients (traditional PCs). They work independently with their own OS, applications and storage. They are suitable for tasks that require significant local computing power. They are suitable for organizations that require high-performance computing at the local level.

Applications of thin clients

Education. Schools and universities use thin clients to provide students with access to computing resources.

Healthcare. Hospitals use thin clients to access patient records safely and efficiently.

Finance. Banks and financial institutions use thin clients to provide increased security.

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