Virtual data center (vDC)

A Virtual Data Center (vDC) is a pool of dedicated cloud resources for creating an enterprise-level IT infrastructure. vDC resources include processors, RAM, disk space, and networks on the basis of which virtual machines are created.

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vDC is usually combined with the concept of cloud or virtual infrastructure (IaaS). The infrastructure that is being created in the vDC is similar to the physical one in the local data center, but it has a number of advantages: the ability to scale quickly, reduce capital costs for IT, the ability to deploy test environments, high disaster tolerance and high availability. The virtual environment is managed via a web interface: the client can remotely create new VMs, change network configuration, create backups, etc.

vDC is suitable for companies that plan to expand the capabilities of the local IT infrastructure or offload it, to test new software products, complete or partial migration to the cloud – for example, in connection with relocation or business growth.

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