ITGLOBAL.COM acquires International hyperscale cloud startup Serverspace
ITGLOBAL.COM acquires International hyperscale cloud startup Serverspace

ITGLOBAL.COM recently announced its acquisition of Serverspace, a cloud-based hyperscaler operating globally in US, Canadian, EU, and CIS markets. With a value of 14 million dollars, this strategic merger of Serverspace with ITGLOBAL.COM will help both companies strengthen their market position as they seek to cover new market segments and opportunities.

Serverspace is an international cloud service provider with datacenters in six countries, including the United States, the Netherlands and Canada. Cloud services are provided by Serverspace’s proprietary equipment and platforms located in TIER III level data centers meeting the highest international standards. The company offers a successful record of providing key cloud resource services based on vStack and VMware virtualized environments and boasts a client base already numbering more than 420,000 accounts. Moreover, Serverspace provides several additional platform services including Kubernetes as a service (KaaS), S3 object compatible storage, DNS hosting, and sale of SSL certificates in order to offer tailored solutions to its clients.

Serverspace offers its services on the basis of an innovative cloud services management platform tailored for system administrators and developers of web applications. In fact, Serverspace was the first to add vStack hypervisor -based servers to its portfolio creating a hyperconvergent vStack platform providing high performance characteristics.

“The mission of ITGLOBAL.COM is to help our customers with all their IT needs, especially when it comes to infrastructure and cloud environments. Recently, the company’s offering in the private and public cloud solutions segments have grown significantly. The merger with the Serverspace team will help us to reach new market segments including small and medium enterprises and individual clients while expanding our customer base. This will allow us to consolidate our services and integrate them in one control panel combining the simplicity of Serverspace with the flexibility and diversity of corporate services offered by ITGLOBAL.COM. Going forward we will be able to provide maximum transparency and convenience for our customers and offer them the ability to access any required service offered at any of our global locations through their personal accounts.” – Oleg Arsenyev, International Business Development Director at ITGLOBAL.COM.

“Thanks to this merger Serverspace will be able to expand the delivery of its services and product matrix into new regions globally, allowing current clients to benefit from tools created for medium and large enterprises. We will continue to provide services to current clients under our brand, and ITGLOBAL.COM will gain the ability to connect its clients with convenient infrastructure management and automated billing services via a web interface.” – Ignat Tolchanov, Project Manager at Serverspace.

The deal offers convincing benefits to both companies and their clients. ITGLOBAL.COM’s acquisition of Serverspace stemmed from its desire to provide its corporate clients with an expanded cloud service portfolio. The Serverspace Service Management Panel alone will significantly increase convenience and ease of use for corporate customers and promises to help ITGLOBAL.COM capture new market segments, further strengthening its position in the cloud services market. Meanwhile Serverspace stands to reap the rewards of scale and additional growth opportunities thanks to its access to ITGLOBAL.COM’s international data infrastructure.

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