USA based company Sparkz Systems develops CRM platforms, builds its own IT products and runs extended number of projects. Active business growth requires a lot of resources, which need to be dynamically allocated to optimize code-building processes and infrastructure maintenance.
ITGLOBAL.COM DevOps team designed and implemented a complex project for Sparkz Systems, optimized the company’s product development processes and took over management and support of the Kubernetes cluster and repositories, perfoming code building and delivery.

Customer Profile

Company name: Sparkz Systems

Industry: software development and design

Company Origin: USA

Website: Sparkz Systems

Customer Needs

Sparkz Systems invested a lot of resources into infrastructure development, implementation and maintenance of DevOps processes, but over time the landscape became inefficient due to increased workload and number of projects.

The company decided to outsource the infrastructure management and continuous code building and delivery processes, as well as automation of SSL certificate creation and management. Therefore, the Sparkz Systems team reached out to ITGLOBAL.COM to implement a comprehensive project.

Solution by ITGLOBAL.COM

The ITGLOBAL.COM specialists offered a complex solution that consisted of two stages:

Process optimization

The first stage was a project activity and included:

  1. Creating a Managed Kubernetes cluster on Google Cloud Platform from scratch;
  2. Implementation and embedding a declarative tool for describing infrastructure and the application under development components into the Argo CD release cycle.

Infrastructure monitoring and support

Sparkz Systems enlisted the expertise of ITGLOBAL.COM specialists and outsourced Kubernetes cluster and repository support to the cloud provider, as well as enabling DevOps Bridge and Managed Kubernetes services.

Project results and future plans

All the tasks that the customer had set for the cloud provider were completed. The entire CI/CD process has been optimized in accordance with the GitOps approach.

“The transformation of code building and delivery processes in accordance with best practices and the use of current development tools allows the business to minimize errors, accelerate the build of applications and improve the quality of the final product,” said Georgy Oskin, head of system administration group ITGLOBAL.COM.

By delegating routine infrastructure maintenance tasks, Sparkz Systems developers can now devote more time to important projects, while the company saves money on hiring and training.

As the Sparkz Systems team expands with specialists from different countries, the company plans to launch a Kubernetes cluster at ITGLOBAL.COM partner data center in Turkey and place the development environment there in the near future.

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