We are excited to announce the successful completion of a project to create an IT infrastructure for the Center for Disaster Medicine. The Center for Disaster Medicine provides medical assistance to the people in emergency situations.

ITGLOBAL.COM was responsible for all IT-related tasks in the customer’s project of Center’s for Disaster Medicine infrastructure development. And according to the project concept the main IT infrastructure element was the Data Center of the medical institution. The Center was constructed from scratch, and among key tasks there were engineering design, development of the computing and network infrastructure of the facility, including a multimedia communications system, as well as supply, installation and commutation of all necessary equipment.

As for engineering provision, a system of hot and cold aisles of the data center has been implemented (by the HASC scheme with the hot aisle containment). In order to ensure guaranteed power supply, a modular uninterruptible power supply has been installed without a single point of failure, which will be able to supply energy not only to the server facility, but also to the situational room of the Center as well as for working space with computers and video conference equipment.

Precision air conditioner systems that operate in rotation mode with a total refrigerating capacity of 70 kW are responsible for ensuring the climatic parameters of IT equipment. Vertiv Evironet Alert is used as a monitoring system for data center engineering equipment. This software collects readings from air conditioning sensors (temperature and humidity), rack sensors (also temperature and humidity) and monitors the PDU.

In the machine room of 25 square meters, six Vertiv racks with servers, network equipment, Cisco firewalls and data storage systems were installed. The power supply of the equipment is redundant — it is connected by two independent beams.

An important component of the IT infrastructure implemented in the data center was a multimedia communications system. The conference hall is equipped with a 6400×3600 mm LPDisplay LED screen with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. Polycom RealPresence Group 310 VCS with EagleEyeEV-12x cameras and Avonic PTZ cameras are used in the offices, Avonic PTZ cameras are used in the situational room.

The telephony system is implemented on the basis of Cisco Collaboration, the Cisco Meeting Server solution was used to build a conference communication system. The network infrastructure is based on Cisco routers.

A Wi-Fi network for employees’ access to the Internet has been deployed and launched in two buildings of the customer facility. Stable network operation is guaranteed by Cisco 9120 access points and Cisco Catalyst 9800 Wireless Controller controllers.

The area of responsibility of ITGLOBAL.COM also includes supply and configuration of personal computers and peripheral devices like monitors, printers, MFPs for employees and managers of the Disaster Recovery Medical Center.

Network, communication and computing systems are reserved according to the N+1 scheme. The level of planned availability of the data center in the project is 100%, maintenance and other technical activity does not require stopping the data center.

We are proud that we were able to demonstrate a high level of maturity of project practice. The task was really difficult, the timeline was challenging and the level of responsibility of the project is impossible to overestimate!

As a result of the project, the Center for Disaster Medicine is able to use its own IT infrastructure to host information systems and data. Under the terms of the agreement, the first line of support will be provided by the ITGLOBAL.COM team. The data center was put into operation in the first quarter of 2022.

About the Center for Disaster Medicine

The Disaster Recovery Medical Center provides coordination of interaction between management entities, as well as the use of forces and means of the medical service, the development of scientific and methodological principles of the medical service, training, advanced training and certification of service specialists, elaboration of proposals for people preparation for first aid in emergency situations.

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