The African Internet services provider Rofa Network was looking for a flexible, reliable, and cost effective traffic management solution as well as the modern hardware. ITGLOBAL.COM reveals the details of the exciting customer success story with unexpected difficulties, a plot twist and, of course, a happy ending.

Client profile

Client success story: Rofa Network

Industry: Telecommunications

Service coverage: The Republic of the Congo, Mauritius, Angola, the DRC

Key points:

Implemented solution: Stingray Service Gateway is a software-based multifunctional platform for traffic management, control and analysis based on Deep Packet Inspection technology. It is designed to inspect, classify and process packets according to the rules and policies of the ISP.

Mission-critical priority: Migration to a newer, cost effective traffic management solution and upgrading to modern hardware

How ITGLOBAL.COM succeeded in the following results:

  • Stingray Service Gateway, provided by ITGLOBAL.COM, сompletely and seamlessly replaced the customer’s outdated solution;
  • ITGLOBAL.COM managed to deliver required hardware to the Republic of Congo;
  • VAS Experts (belongs to ITGLOBAL.COM group), a developer of Stingray SG, upgraded the solution, after it had already been implemented and configured, to provide additional functionality for the client. It allowed Rofa Network to strengthen its competitive advantage on the market;

Mission progress:

The previous traffic management solution that Rofa Network had been using for some time became outdated and too costly to be upgraded. The management team was looking for a perfect replacement — flexible, reliable, and cost effective platform. A meticulous search on the Internet led to Stingray Service Gateway, an innovative solution developed by VAS Experts (belongs to ITGLOBAL.COM group). It seemed to be the right choice, though the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Hence Rofa Network asked for a trial version of Stingray platform to make sure that the solution meets all business needs.

Key components like subscriber authentication (BNG/BRAS) and traffic policies management (QoE) were great and suited perfectly, thus the migration process began. It had to be smooth and seamless, in such a way that Rofa Network’s subscribers could not tell the difference. An international IT integrator ITGLOBAL.COM managed to deliver hardware to the Republic of the Congo, then remotely implemented and configured Stingray SG for no time and left the customer to enjoy the new solution. When all of a sudden…

It turned out that the company’s business processes had been too adjusted for the previous DPI solution. Whereas using the new one required significant and time consuming change of domain logic. The VAS Experts team put on its thinking cap, checked with the product’s roadmap, and discovered that the essential for Rofa Network functionality can be valuable for other Stingray SG customers as well. It was a win-win situation, so Stingray SG was customized and refined as soon as possible.

“We aim to bring reliable solutions and best practice to our customers. Our team is aware of the ways how some essential functions have been implemented among other ISPs. And we believe that a properly organized configuration process with some slight customization in terms of software architecture was the best way to meet Rofa Network’s needs as well as it happens with other customers.”

— Oleg Arsenyev, Director of International Business Development at ITGLOBAL.COM.

Now Rofa Network uses Stingray Service Gateway platform to manage policies and billing plans, as well as to optimize traffic bandwidth and control the quality of service.

“I really value the collaborative approach that ITGLOBAL.COM has brought us. We achieved the intended result on our network so far, everything is smooth and stable since migration.”

— Gérard Nguengang, Technical Director at Rofa Network.

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