CaaS (Containers-as-a-Service)

Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS) — virtualization of computing power, resources and tools in one container. The service also allows you to manage components using a virtual environment.

The service will be replaced by divisions within the company responsible for the creation, monitoring and administration of containers. With the help of CaaS, developers can quickly develop and scale containers “to the cloud”, for example, k8s.

Managed Kubernetes



CaaS has the following properties that help the client:

  1. Transparency. The creation and monitoring process is fully accessible to the customer. At any time, he can check how the service works.
  2. Scaling. CaaS can be automatically scaled using special functionality. Orchestration is also available for customers, with the help of which distribution systems are created.
  3. Simplicity. When using the service, software migration to the vendor’s environment is simplified. Many processes are automated, which minimizes the occurrence of errors due to the human factor.
  4. Reduction of financial costs. CaaS works perfectly with the horizontal scaling of containers, which allows you to pay only for the resources actually used.

Areas of application

One of the main applications of Containers-as-a-Service is the creation of scalable and secure software based on containerization. Providers offer to use containers for customers at any stage of creation in order to simplify work as much as possible and ensure product safety.

The second area is minimizing software development and testing time. This allows you to gain an advantage over competitors in order to release the application to the market first.

The third way to use CaaS is to consolidate developers for a large joint project. To do this, a unified platform is used, which offers unified tools for work and simplifies the deployment of microservices. The service is also used to combine containers and microservices.

Containers-as-a-Service is an effective service for the development, management, administration and testing of working containers. The implementation of the service in the company provides many advantages, for example, automatic scaling or reduction of financial costs.

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