Cisco UCS C240 M5

Cisco UCS C240 M5 is a rack-type server related to high-performance server hardware. The main purpose is to be used in the IT infrastructure of corporate networks.

A server of this class and type is also optimized for processing and analyzing large amounts of data. It supports software-defined repositories, as well as software that requires a lot of system resources.

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Description of the device

The UCS C240 M5 server is capable of supporting a wide range of diverse workloads that place high demands on I/O hardware: from big data management and analytics systems to infrastructure solutions to support automated workstations (VDI) and Collaboration tools.

The hardware of this server has the potential, which will be quite sufficient to support the stable performance of regular tasks in the corporate system. Also, UCS C240 M5 can be used to implement any specific tasks, in which it is often necessary to process large amounts of heterogeneous data.

Areas of application

The UCS C240 M5 server hardware is a good choice for ensuring stable performance of a wide variety of workloads in a corporate network. They are most often used where necessary:

  • upload, store, modify and classify large amounts of diverse information;
  • to maintain stable operation of the software responsible for business process analytics;
  • work with database management systems (DBMS) of various types and sizes;
  • to consolidate using various IT infrastructure virtualization solutions;
  • store large amounts of data for a long time.

Advantages and features of the hardware of UCS C240 M5 rack servers

The U2 form factor rack server platform is based on a 2-socket architecture. Computing resources consist of a pair of Intel Xeon Scalable multicore processors, including the 2nd Generation, each of which supports up to 28 cores.

The stability of the powerful processor equipment is ensured by DDR4 memory modules installed in 24 slots. The operating frequency of the RAM is 2600 and 2933 MHz. The server supports the installation of DDR4 memory strips with individual capacities of 8, 16, 32, 64 or 128 GB. Optionally, Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory can be installed on half of the slots.

The maximum storage capacity of this server is limited to 26 small form factor drives (2.5 inches, SFF) or 12 large form factor drives (3.5 inches, LFF).

In addition to standard solid-state drives, a PCIe NVMe SSD can be used in the server. The UCS C240 M5 supports hot-swapping, maintenance and installation of appropriate storage devices.

The server hardware supports the SAS 12 Gbit/s RAID controller, for which there is a separate slot in the server. PCIe Generation 3.0 slots can be used to install additional expansion cards.

The server can be integrated into the corporate network using two built-in Gigabit Ethernet network adapters and optional Cisco VIC convergent adapters installed in the mLOM and PCI-express slot. Also, 2 NVidia GPUs can be installed in the UCS C240 M5, which will significantly increase the performance of graphics and artificial intelligence systems.

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