RPO (Recovery point objective)

RPO (Recovery point objective, “target recovery point”) — the maximum period for which data can be lost. The recovery time of files from the backup storage should not exceed the RPO indicator. If, for example, the RPO is 90 minutes, the data accumulated in no more than the last hour and a half will be lost. Accordingly, a snapshot should be taken at least once every 90 minutes. Not only files on disks can be backed up, but also application settings, server operating systems, as well as the state of processes in RAM.

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The choice of disaster recovery technologies depends on the choice of the minimum backup frequency: physical or cloud platform, type of storage, replication algorithm.

The RPO is set based on how much data the user (client) may lose in the event of an incident. Calculating the break-even point helps to determine this, when the cost of data loss is equal to the cost of ensuring their availability. Ideally, the cost of restoration should not be excessive or insufficient.

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