ER-Telecom (Dom.Ru), a Russian ISP, now sells IaaS services on ITGLOBAL.COM infrastructure under their own brand. Thanks to our White Label program, Dom.ru has expanded its service portfolio and increased its turnover by $5,000 per month.

White Label partner program

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About Dom.ru

Dom.ru is a federal internet service provider and a subsidiary of ER-Telecom Holding, one of 10 largest Russian telecom companies. ER-Telecom ranks second among national internet service providers and third among Pay TV operators.

Dom.ru provides internet access, cloud services, digital telephony, network infrastructure and security services for private and B2B customers. More than 200 companies in 56 cities of Russia use their services. Dom.ru has been recognized as the fastest home internet provider several times.


Dom.ru maintains a strong position among Russian internet service providers (Top 5). On top of home internet, Dom.ru offers cloud solutions, including SaaS: Microsoft Office 365, CRM and BPM systems.

The telecom market in Russia has been fully developed and divided between the main players, which is why Dom.ru is interested in adding new relevant services to their portfolio, such as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). To do this, Dom.ru had to find a partner: a service provider with reliable hi-end cloud infrastructure and professional technical support.

After some fierce competition, they chose ITGLOBAL.COM. On top of the technical aspects of ITGLOBAL.COM’s offerings, Dom.ru also quite liked the financial conditions of our White Label program.

About the White Label partner program

ITGLOBAL.COM partners receive a turnkey cloud platform and can sell their own branded IaaS. The partner gets 30 percent from each payment. Compare this to most hyperscale cloud solutions that do not break 5 percent profitability.

The program also has other advantages: competitive prices for virtual machines, high availability (99.9 percent) and as many as 5 locations to choose from in your personal account — you can deploy your VMs in Russia, the Netherlands, the US, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Given the potential of the cloud services market, partners can attract new customers, improve the loyalty of existing ones, and upsell them. The program doesn’t require a massive investment, using your marketing department is enough.

The platform practically sells itself: it’s a complete click&buy solution. All you need to do is grant the customer access to the console where they can buy the services they need independently.

Guarantees for ITGLOBAL.COM partners:

  • Full technical support of the project (data center, hardware, virtualization and administration);
  • Partner’s logos on platform user interfaces;
  • Platform functionality;
  • Platform updates;
  • Customer support 24/7.

All the partner has to do is provide marketing support, and prepare their sales department and a database of their current B2B customers. ITGLOBAL.COM is ready to address all non-standard requests individually under the reseller agreement.

Platform features:

  • Billing plans;
  • Pre- and post-payment customer service models;
  • Communicating with technical support;
  • Generating and sending emails;
  • Knowledge base support.


Like other ITGLOBAL.COM partners, Dom.ru did not have any technical problems with integrating and launching the platform. Nevertheless, it took 2 months to build the partner panel: this was one of the first White Lable projects, after which we optimized our launch procedure. Now deployment takes less than 2 weeks.

ITGLOBAL.COM regularly trains Dom.ru sales managers and engineers so that they could get a deeper understanding of the product.

According to Andrei Smirnov, head of the B2B product management service at Dom.ru, the sales department receives timely and high-quality technical support from ITGLOBAL.COM. This is why Dom.ru was able to quickly organize the commercial launch of the service.

“We are grateful to ITGLOBAL.COM for their willingness to help us address any technical and organizational issues”, said Petr Ivanov. “We really appreciated it at the early stages, when our guys didn’t yet have the competency in some aspects of the platform’s management. Your team is always ready to help — both we and our customers are satisfied. Many our previous partners were quite passive in this sense.”


With the new services rolled out, Dom.ru managed to increase their sales turnover by $5,000 per month, attract new customers and improve their loyalty.

Andrei Smirnov:

“Today, no internet service provider can develop and grow with nothing but a standard set of telecom services. The cloud services market is still promising, and there are potential customers to be found. There is room for growth here”.

Development plans under the White Label program

ITGLOBAL.COM is expanding its partner program. Some partners, on top of the current basic B2B sales model implemented by the sales team, can deploy an additional cloud platform under a different brand. This business line doesn’t involve sales managers and includes complete marketing promotion. The customers who feel comfortable using self-service don’t have to communicate with sales managers or presale engineers. All you need to do is sign in, select the appropriate VM configuration in the calculator, make a deposit, and start using the service.

The development plans under the White Label program also include increasing the number of locations (up to 20) and adding new services: Kubernetes as a Service and Managed IT.

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